Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stronger In The Broken Places

When Hurricane Katrina happened, I had already been living in Texas for a couple of years. A couple of months after the disaster, I was in a local shop, and saw the book above.

I know at first glance it mightn't seem like a riveting read, but it is a great book. Mr Witt describes the aftermath of many different weather emergencies, large and small.

It describes how agencies, from a local council, to the full Federal might of FEMA deals with disaster situations.

The book also relates how you can apply the same principles to your work life, and to your personal life too! I had a car breakdown this week, so I can definitely affirm that the strategies work!

I guess the governing principle is DON'T PANIC!

Or in the words of my late grandmother;
"These things are sent to try us" :O)

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